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Music for Writing: Attention, Creativity, Motivation, and more.

For me, I use music. I’m aways listening to my Spotify playlists.
When I’m writing, I  play easy jazz, simple classical flute, sweet French café music, funky blues, or sometimes, James Taylor. (I love him.)
The selection of music is critical. Lively tunes can invigorate and may be best when writing fight scenes. Instrumental music is excellent because there are no lyrics to interfere with concentration. Songs with a consistent beat, like pop and rock, often fill me with momentum… increasing my energy level. Even upbeat music helps me keep up the pace.
Music has been found to prompt enhanced activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, a region associated with imagination…. That’s where I want to go.
 So why not add some of your favorite songs to your writing routine? Click HERE to learn how to create your own Spotify playlist. It may be just the thing to help you get locked in and turn out a great piece of writing.
Meanwhile, click HERE to listen to my Favorite Playlist for Writing. And download my list of music HERE. Add it to your Spotify account, editing as you wish.

Tell us in the comment section below your thoughts about using music to enhance your mood or creativity. Does it work for you?

Happy writing!




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