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Writer's Block and What To Do about it.

On of the greatest challenges for all novelists is writer’s block. If you are a writer, you probably have experienced this one time or another.
Here are three examples:
1.      Blank page syndrome. You sit down to write but struggle to put words on the page. You feel trapped or stuck.
2.      Idea paralysis: Sometimes you have too many ideas or conflicting thoughts running through your mind, making it difficult to focus on a single concept or direction for your writing.
3.      Imposter syndrome: You have feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. You think your work is not good enough or you don’t deserve the success or recognition you have received. You may even compare yourself to others, doubt your skills or the validity of your ideas. And the worst is that you fear you will be exposed as a fraud. Lordy, you find yourself thinking this whole idea of being a writer is a fallacy!
Writers' block is no joke. It's very real. And it came at me with a vengeance, cloaked in what I thought was celebratory excitement just after I sent my manuscript to my beta readers. When I mustered the courage to face the truth – that writer’s block had paralyzed me – I knew I had to take control…to change my thoughts, my emotions, my mind.
When I was back to normal, I recorded a podcast, “Writers Block and What to Do about It.” It was such a healing experience. Take a listen (20 minutes).

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Have you experienced writer's block. Tell us about it. What did you do?
Happy writing!


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