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Developmental Copy Line Design Editor

Editing Services

What I do


Developmental Editing

Successful books in all genres require an inciting incident, a hook that grabs, engaging characters and arcs, enticing setting and descriptions, suspense with mounting tension, authentic dialogue, sound scene structure, a plot void of holes, and a satisfying ending that ties all threads together. It's a lot for the best of writers


Copy Editing

Manuscripts need to be free from grammar problems, typos, glue words, and awkward sentences that annoy and distract from your story. Truth is readers can be impatient and disappear, after they take the time to write a bad review. Best to publish an error-free, clean manuscript. 


Tell me what you’re working on, send me your questions, ask for a free sample edit, or just say hi.


Additional Services

Now that your polished book is ready go live, why struggle the tedious details? Formatting, acquiring isbn numbers, pricing, and uploading it to Amazon and independent booksellers sites, can be a technical quagmire. Why put yourself through that hassle? Rely on someone with experience.

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