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Welcome to my editor and author website.

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About Me

I served 25 years in higher education, first as a writing instructor, then ultimately,

college president. I retired and dabbled in tennis, music, and writing. Yet, my dream

was to travel the world and write books.

In 2015, my fantasy was realized.
I sold my house, my car, and all my possessions, save a tennis racket and my

Taylor guitar, and began my incredible odyssey. Four years later, I had explored

46 countries over six continents.
With the world as my muse, I published a first novel “Just A Girl” which was ranked

“sixth best coming-of-age fiction in 2107” by Amazon.
Although I had written nonfiction works in my career, I actually published my first nonfiction book, “The Essential Guide to a Life of Travel: the ABC’s International Travel.” My third book, “Claim Denied,” an international cyber-espionage thriller, emerged from my experiences as a writing consultant at the American University of Kosovo. And, the sequel, “What Lies Beneath the Willow,” is a small-town mystery set in the Eastern Shore of Virginia with ties to Kosovo.
Having edited throughout my career, it's only natural I also started an editing business, focusing primarily on developmental editing, copy and line editing and proofreading services, as well as a variety of publishing and design services.


I love editing and am a member of ACES Society for Editing, an international members' alliance for editors.
My home is in Lisbon, Portugal and am so happy to be in this fabulous city. I am is writing, editing, learning Portuguese, traveling, playing pickleball, and walking various trails of the Camino in Spain and Portugal.

Life is good.

Developmental Copy Line Design Editor

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